Right on Track


It was every weekday morning,

On the bustling train platform,

That he walked past me,

Urgency in his stride


For me it had become a ritual,

To seek him out in the crowd,

Although he never glanced at me once,

I took him to be my charm,


Unbeknownst to him,

I always sought his face,

For I knew that as long as I saw him,

My day would be made!!



There she was,

I’d see her every weekday morning,

Furtively scanning the crowd,

Until her face lit


Like she had found what she was seeking,

I  never looked directly,

But whenever she walked past me,

Oh!! How I longed to brush my fingers against hers…


Just so her happiness rubbed off on me,

Instead I’d avoid her eyes,

And walk swiftly on,

Wondering what was her sudden source of joy!!



For Me

And when the clouds broke down,

I’d like to believe that it was for me,

On the deserted shore,

Battling my inner storm!!


And the rain,

Mingled with my tears,

As if to wash my eyes,

A cleanse for a new start!!


And abruptly the sun shone on me,

A beacon of hope,

While the fluffs of grey,

Their work done…drifted on!!



The whistle pierced my reverie,

Screeching tires rendered me fully awake,

I was at crossroads,

With a daunting decision to make!


Here to take a detour,

From my mundane routine,

There was no going back to my old life now,

I hopped off , stifling fear from within!!


Regrets vanished at an instance,

Glad that I took a chance,

Spellbound by its beauty,

Mussoorie enticed me at a glance!!


A tiny cottage awaited me,

The writer in me raring to go,

It was time for an alternate start,

I had new imaginations to explore!!


There’s always a choice,

Taken only by a few,

Since we each author our journey,

Ensure that your life is a bestseller too!!







Masala Chai

I drove in a luxury car ,

Well dressed with make up done,

My appearance was deceptive,

It fooled everyone!!


My face was a mask,

Reflecting confidence for the world to see,

I played the part well,

All thought lavishly of me.


I worked my way up,

To camouflage my past,

Replacing it with money,

Forever to last


On my way to work,

I had an off beat place to go,

Eluded of elegance,

Signs of dishevelment it bore.


With a reputation to maintain,

So if you ask, I’ll deny,

The only glimpse of the slum-girl me,

Was my addiction to street Masala-Chai






While the wind echoed…

The merging of the sea and sky,

hypnotized me into a calm

My mind surrendered,

to the soaring birds,

that speckled above…


…until all light was gone,


I washed off the sand,

Turned towards the shore…

The sea had cast its spell,

I was ready to fly!!

As I look down,

Insignificant worries depart,

This is home now,

A clean slate for a new start


I was afraid of how I’d adjust,

I’m doing more than fine,

Leaving was the best decision,

My past is now behind


Hope fills me,

Feeding the peace within my soul,

Although it took me long,

Broken bits merged to make me whole


The mountain quiet speaks to me,

In a language I don’t yet understand,

Don’t ask me what made me start anew,

That’s a story for another day, my friend



-The Mountains Called