Into the Blue

A tiny fluff of white,

Lurking in the grey,

Amongst the giant imposing clouds,

I knew I wasn’t here to stay


Fragile, a lil afraid, in search of summer,

I let the wind carry me about,

I’d heard whispers of what lay beyond,

So new horizons I began to scout


I drifted on a whirlwind,

You’d know if you’d taken a look up high..

I made it to the other side,

Where lay my bright blue sky



Cactus Flower

On days I feel less than,

When my mind gives in to despair,

And life doesn’t remotely resemble a bed of roses,

And no tears left to spare


On days I’m on the brink of wilting,

Chaos within and out,

I relentlessly seek ways,

To blossom through the spines of self-doubt


On days I curl and shrivel,

From all that the surroundings throw at me,

I pluck up all my courage,

And that’s all that you’ll get to see


Life isn’t flawless,

This coming from a girl with proud scars,

I’m invincible,

I’m tenacious,

Constantly pushing through thorns….

I’m a Cactus Flower!!


A Little Bit of Her

Everything about her was beguiling,

Her eyes, her smile and I’d even bet ….her thoughts,

Always aloof…


I was enchanted,

Wanted her for myself,

Pleaded with her to stay!!


But she was uninhibited,

Like the wind and fires in the wild,

She couldn’t be tamed,

And although she loved me,

She loved herself more!!


And Now…


Always on the go,

Ensuring that she’s never forgotten,

Nor telling me where she’s off to next,

All I have of her are her postcards!!


White Flowers

 I expected you here,
Awaited your arrival even,
All that time lost…
You now stand before me,
Craving answers,
But you’ll never know “Why”?
Too selfish to blame yourself,
Your stupor is now my mirth,
So long….
For all the love you never gave,
Don’t you dare now,
Place those white flowers on my grave!!

That Rainy Day

For Josh…..

Idyllic walks on the lazy shore,

Crushing shells wanting nothing more,

Remorse and regret of a life unplanned,

Temporary left when she’d step on sand


Unsuspecting of what lay,

To meet somebody that would make her everyday,

That one heavy shower was heaven’s ploy,

To set her up with the perfect boy


The runner in him had nowhere to go,

Except walk with her on the crunchy shore,

Impervious to what others could see,

 Ignorant of the love meant to be


Meaningless conversations in the dark,

Kindle to the crackling spark,

Clueless, incomplete, yearning souls,

Two halves meant to be a whole,


A love conspired by nature’s lure…

Was meant to be for sure!!

Trust Your Struggle

Carelessly tossed,

I landed on soft ground,

Oblivious to time,

I struggled to escape my mound


Lost and helpless,

I sunk deeper, focusing on the worst,

Until the seeping water,

Began to quench my thirst


Blinded by nothingness,

I learnt to let go,

Trusting my struggle,

I decided to go with the flow


It was tough at first,

Acclimatizing myself to the dark,

Until my tiny sprout,

Sought for the sun’s spark


I did not give up on myself,

Once imprisoned beneath, I’m now free

From a once rejected, puny seed,

I’ve morphed into a magnificent oak tree!!